Cost Adviser to Government of Malaysia

In April 2006, The Government of Malaysia appointed Perunding DMA Sdn.   the Independent Professional Quantity Surveyor (IPQS) to provide professional cost services for the “Construction, Completion, Testing And Commissioning And Maintenance Of Electrified Double Track Project Between Rawang And Ipoh (Infrastructure Works)” .

The scope of works for this rail link project is the upgrading of the existing 179 km long single track railway to Electrified Double track line. The project includes a double line metre gauge track, bridges, stations, yards, signal and communication as well as electrification.

This project is unique as Perunding DMA Sdn. Bhd. have to advise the Government of Malaysia in cost related issues due to termination of the Design and Build Contractor and re-establishment of cost for completion of the balance of Work by the new appointed Contractor on a “Cost Plus Basis”.  Perunding DMA Sdn Bhd has successfully carried out the services and now in the final stage of finalizing the account of the project.

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